On hands:
A location that many come into contact with, some dwell there, but an extension of only one’s own.

Carriers of feeling and more, the administer of actions that start from within.
To grasp, to hold, to be felt, to gesture far off and near.
Moving, waiting, delivering, withholding.

Ours, mine. Ours, yours. Ours, theirs. Ours.

On rings:
A ring;         
is found on the hand.
has emotional capability.
acts as a symbol.
extends meaning along with the hand it resides.

Rings are circlets that are worn, misplaced and kept in safe secret. They are remembrance in physical form, and they often take our attention. 

They are ours to wear. They are designed to surround our fingers.

The wearing of rings is of consequence.

On connection:
We are connected, but not. We should be more.

Being unified is a state of humanity which must be experienced and cannot be overlooked. To hear “I am with you; you are with me”, this is our common desire to connect. We share in this. Our place is with each other.

On giving:
I am moved to you and back again. From a gift we draw in, and then ebb another time. These are moments to make the real felt, to express and remember. A reminder to return to where I am to be.

An offering from an inward space.

Use me to give.

© Roanne Sanchez-Watts